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2017 United States 80% of smartphone users will play games on your phone

iResearch iResearch finishing eMarketer released in August 2013 survey data found that the number of mobile gamers in the United States is now far exceeds the number of players other gaming platforms . Data show that in 2017 , more than 80 % of smartphone users will play games on their mobile phones . 2013 Nearly 126 million Americans use smart phones to play games ( at least once a month ) , 96.6 million online casual gamers , 43.3 million online gamers hosts . Of course, these are not mutually exclusive between players , many online players also play host mobile games , social media gamers may also play online games or mobile games .

IResearch believes that mobile gaming platform can guide other gaming platforms the following main reasons : one , the share of smart phones continues to grow as a major gaming platform mobile games , in the current global economic growth dropped significantly in the case , smart phones can maintain double-digit growth , which for mobile gaming developers who is undoubtedly a tonic ; 2 , with the development of Internet technology , wireless internet technology gradually gained popularity, so players can be anywhere through mobile phones and other mobile devices online games , and not just confined inside the home through traditional gaming platform for online games ; 3, Google Play, AppStore such as the growth of the mobile application store , buy the game with the traditional way of gaming platform compared to mobile App Store greatly facilitate the players to download , experience , channels and ways to buy the game . Meanwhile , it also brings another benefit - non-game on the mobile platform users can easily translate into a mobile platform game users.

ZTE handset sales how good , surely we should be very clear that one of the pride of the domestic mobile phone is not excessive . In order to expand product lines, enter the high-end flagship market , still abandoned ZTE has long been famous brands, to re-create a new Nibia series, mainly the production of high-performance flagship product . Around the domestic market , established vendors have set up their own sub-brand , to take a different path with the original , even along main low cost millet phone , also launched its own brand of red rice , the basic spike a public one thousand Yuan intelligent machines . In the near future , OPPO is cooperation and the CM conspired to launch a shocking Android products , as to whether it will therefore independent of the sub-brand , we have to be verified .

In the complicated mobile terminal market

In the complicated mobile terminal market, consumers ' tastes ' is always unpredictable. Of a product can now grab people's attention, but maybe after a few months , everyone would have a new love . See the king who had the mobile phone market such as Motorola , Blackberry, Nokia are retired , will be able to understand how cruel this market .

As a "boot " Huawei , can be said to have paid a lot of tuition fees. Removal of the huge investment in football sponsorship marketing costs , at the product level , Huawei cell phone through a lot of trial and error .

P1 released in 2012 , for example, which can be regarded as Huawei cell phone into high-end branding the first attempt. P1 in January 2012 at the International Consumer Electronics Show (2012CES) officially released . But before that , in order to effect the most demand thinner , Huawei internal Bidiao many proposals have been paid a lot of R & D costs . Eventually all reinvent the wheel only the advent of P1 .

Some have been released product , but also to bring a lot of lessons learned from Huawei . For example P1 released soon after the launch of D1, time to market was delayed for six months , the timing and degree of consumer concern propaganda had missed. The reason is that , with Hass chip running problems resulting products must be modified.

Like this , " twists and turns " in the competition may seem absurd , like watching a schoolboy himself in that Scrapped . But Huawei internal view, these are rare in actual combat. Huawei Terminal vice president of marketing Shao Yang admitted before the interview : " This process is very important for us , although we have failed run a few things ."

For example, by the failure of D1 , Huawei cell phone inside the terminal and run the chip 's Hass . And then the D2, Huawei running the material accumulated in the use of metal technology in the mobile phone experience .

The new " price war"

After a tide of intelligent machines after the initial competition , more and more domestic manufacturers have found , we caught up " with the scale for profit" predicament. Since there is no brand premium , limited to low-end products , the result is that we bargain with each other to win a huge shipments , profits are few.

In fact, starting this year, domestic brands hope foothold in the high-end wishes more strongly. What is meant in the end ? In product quality and experience difficult situations In a word , the price distinction between high low-end products has become the most important measure .

In a sense , I hope to build the brand of the domestic manufacturers , is experiencing a new " price war ." Competition is not only the war who cheaper , but who can sell products higher price .

Mentioned high-end flagship phone , most people think of the brand or Apple and Samsung. Apple released iPhone 5S, Samsung released Galaxy Note3 the same period, the domestic brands have also focused released a number of " flagship " products, but the price gap still exists .,_i_rischi_per_la_salute_tendiniti,_tunnel_carpale_e_traumi_alla_schiena_tinydeal

From B2B to B2C Huawei phones stepped on "step"

Mention " Huawei " word, people's first impression is communication equipment supplier. This was established in Shenzhen in 1987, the company , to some extent, has become a symbol of Chinese high-tech enterprises .

In the traditional carrier market , Huawei impression can be roughly summed up as "low key" , "reliable" , which in the B2B market is a very good quality. It is this quality, so Huawei his own communications equipment sold to hundreds of countries and regions in the world , covering global 1/ 3 of the population.

However, when a brand needs directly to consumers , the " low-key " has become an obstacle. Huawei began to force the mobile terminal business , how to turn from a public acceptance B2B B2C brand brand, to become Huawei Terminal team faced the biggest challenge .

After several years of exploration, Huawei cell phone in brand building has had its own direction , also have their own dedicated fan base - "hay ." Through a time of product release , Huawei gradually make their mobile phones to high-end market concentration , rather Qupin low-end mobile phone shipments .

Indeed, such a transformation for Huawei , the challenge is multiple . The first is from the traditional B2C to B2B brand transformation , mindset and attitude must change . Followed by a low-end domestic brands impression to high-end transformation. Meanwhile, with the development of the Internet age , Huawei also adapt to social media and new channels such as electricity providers rise .

Face of so many challenges , Huawei Terminal branding not overnight. According to the reporter , Huawei internal for brand building has its own long-term planning , short sales are not what they valued.
For example, before the market stir P6, Huawei is more concerned about is that this product has completed its life cycle, how to give Huawei Terminal brands plus many points .

Huawei Terminal CMO Yang Zhe China, said: " I ​​would prefer to put every Huawei products listed , as the peak of a brand Huawei climbing stairs . Now say that a certain number of steps from the specific role , it is difficult to say , but standing turn around and go to the summit , will be able to know who trample on the meaning of each one step . "
Trial and error

Today, Huawei's terminal in the foot has stepped on a lot of " steps ."

In fact, Huawei has long involved in the terminal market, but initially Huawei for operators rely on custom machine started early Huawei familiar routine is : according to the operator 's needs , to meet the quality requirements of the premise to try to control costs, create as much as possible cheap mobile phones.

Some phones even have marked Huawei's logo, but directly to the operator's brand. Essentially, this is still not really B2C, because the purchaser is a carrier , Huawei is still responsible for the operator 's needs . " Do everything we can to meet customer demand ," which is Huawei 's strengths , but also many years of service on Huawei carriers experience .

However, when on the phone marked with Huawei began its own brand , and hope this phone can be recognized by consumers sell at high prices , the problem arises . Huawei is not facing a clear custom operators needs, but thousands of different consumers.

Usher in the era of smart phones perception

 From the rise of smart phones to now, a few years time will be developed to a mature stage , and now is no longer a dead spell hardware era. Smart phones are smart and not only its own strong performance, rich applications. But the main thing is that it should be more intelligent communication. Mobile phone users and icy interactive experience between machines become one of the most intuitive way to touch , the emergence of numerous sensors phones evolve into a truly intelligent , interactive , sentient device , and this perception will become in the future smartphones a development direction .

When the phone is still in the era of standard keyboard input , Jobs brought a finger-touch operation of large-screen phone Apple iPhone conquered the world , and thus opened the prelude of smart phones , we are able to rely on a finger -click slide orders , from smart phones have a " touch ."

With the continuous development of smart phones , more and more innovative and user-friendly features have been created , these functions rely on your phone with a variety of sensors and software and hardware to achieve the interaction between people and mobile phones more convenient , but also to smartphones given the " spirituality ." Light sensor allows us to be able to see in bright light font on the screen , gravity sensor allows us to be able to control the game from side to side in the direction of the car , orientation sensor allows us to be more precise on the map to find their place

These sensors like the nerves in the human body , as each division , and external changes constantly collect the information back to the brain and make the appropriate instructions. Apple M7 coprocessor is that these sensory nerves of the brain , which is responsible for full-time dynamic data from these sensors and make commands. In fact, a similar technology in other brands of mobile phones and there have been precedents , but Apple propaganda seems stronger, but in the future will be more attention to this aspect of development . Perhaps , in the future with the central processor, the coprocessor will change position , which controls all the sensor portion of the smart phone's core .

Today's smart phone computing performance has been strong enough , people are more concerned about is whether it can help us to achieve intelligent life. Phone "brain" under the control of a variety of neurological and electronic devices make people more realistic interactive fun , but also more diversified. This is relatively easy to implement on human health and lifestyle awareness. Measured using the sensor user heartbeat, body temperature , sleep quality , etc., and the main fact to establish a health check file , or according to your state of motion to develop a fitness periodic table . You can also record the user to get up , eat, commute to work , often traveling route, or other activities , and based on these habits to determine if you need some help .

Samsung Apple won the global mobile phone 109% profit

Apple has scored a third-quarter feature phones and smart phone industry 56% of operating profit, Samsung ranked second reach 53%. In contrast, all of the major competitors are at a loss , only Sony seasonal achieve breakeven , others such as blackberry season in the global mobile phone industry profits accounted for -4 % -3 % of Motorola Mobility , Nokia , LG and HTC industry profits accounted for both -1%.

However, the report also pointed out that if the Lenovo, ZTE, Huawei and other Chinese enterprises Cool statistics come in, Apple and Samsung's share may be reduced, but these Chinese corporate earnings data are not available , so it can not be included in the industry report medium .

Previous quarter , Apple and Samsung accounted for 103% of the entire mobile phone industry profits in the third quarter of this trend is more obvious, the investment bank analysts also believe that Apple and Samsung are expected to continue to occupy a period of time more than 100 % of the industry profits.

Two giant patent lawsuit before trial

Yesterday, reporter learned that, between Samsung and Apple patent lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for re- trial, Samsung exactly how much compensation should be paid to the amount of Apple to become the main content of the retrial .

Starting in 2011 , broke out between Apple and Samsung patent infringement in a fierce battle , the two sides to each other in a number of countries and regions to sue each other of patent infringement , because the amounts involved and the tremendous impact that this case is also called " century patent war . " Last August, the U.S. District Court has to make a judgment of first instance , a variety of products that Samsung infringed Apple's patents, Apple needs to pay up to $ 1.05 billion astronomical damages. However , the United States District Court has modified the ruling , Samsung will reduce the amount of compensation of 4.5 billion dollars. But the amount of compensation for the Samsung and Apple, seems unacceptable.

The United States District Court for a new trial is to determine the main content of the new compensation amount , Apple has again requested an additional $ 380 million Samsung , Samsung only willing to compensate $ 52 million . The retrial will last six days , after which will be given to the jury verdict. March next year between the two companies will also be hearing another case , when the court ruled that Samsung will present at the latest products on the market exists infringement.
According to foreign media revealed that Apple and Android annually on patent litigation related expenses of approximately two hundred million U.S. dollars . This is the deep pockets of Apple though nothing, but marathon patent battle for both sides is not an easy thing .

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Lenovo ranked third worldwide smartphone

Beijing Times News ( Reporter Zhu Jian Wo ) Yesterday, the U.S. market statistics report released by Gartner , Lenovo Group [ 1.93% ] beyond LG Electronics to become the world 's third-largest smartphone vendor , ranking after Samsung and Apple .,recensione-nokia-lumia-625-tinydeal.html

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HTC One is the best popular mobile phone in 2013

Recently , the famous American IT information website Techradar selected the 2013 best smart phone list , HTC One beat iPhone 5s, Samsung S4, Note 3, and other popular products , crowned champion. For HTC One this " chasing " the king , the website gives this assessment : "HTC One is that we imagine to fully comply with the flagship product ." In addition to HTC One gains the championship outside , HTC and HTC One mini, HTC Windows Phone 8X, HTC Droid DNA, HTC One X, HTC First5 product to have rounded out the top 20 , the list became a veritable " big winner " , to show out in the smart phone market is strong leadership and competitiveness.

HTC One since February this year the world has been released, it has repeatedly been named " Best Smartphone ." During the exhibition, the 2013 MWC , Techradar also was named " Best of Show ", " Best Smartphone ." After a lapse of eight months , HTC One with no latecomers 's "innovative and luxurious hardware ", once again gains Techradar smartphone charts, even in Apple, Samsung and many other new flagship listed, the face of strong challenges , HTC One still ranked first place rankings , the strength should not be overlooked .

Not only is the Techradar website for HTC One gave such a high rating , in other authoritative media or organizations in the selection , HTC One also has rave reviews. American website Engadget has said , HTC One is the summer of 2013 , " Best Buy " of Android phones , and the U.S. technology blog Gotta Be Mobile then it is selected as " Editor's Choice " in the UK-based IT news site Pocket-link vote 2013 best smart phone buy recommendation list in , HTC One beat several competitors as champions ; mobile news site in the United States well-known smart phone PhoneDog official rankings , HTC One has been " occupied" with users and experts Recommended top position ; while in the Amazon , operators Vodafone, O2 and other consumers on the list , HTC One also received the consumer's " much appreciated ." HTC One With revolutionary metal body design and top hardware and software experience for smart phones has set a new benchmark . The HTC rounded out with six top 20 products of good results , the industry , the media and consumers have proved it in the field of smart phones can not shake the strength

Android accounted for 81% of the smartphone market share

IDC's latest report shows that Google 's Android platform in the global smart phone shipments in the proportion of first time exceeded 80% of Microsoft's Windows Phone shipments amazing growth , Apple iOS and BlackBerry system 's market share declined.

According to technology blog IDC's report, the third quarter of this year , Google 's Android platform has set a new milestone - in the global smart phone shipments in the proportion of first time exceeded 80%. The research firm also revealed that Microsoft's Windows Phone this quarter 's shipments growth "shocking " than last year grew by 156% .

"In the third quarter , Android and Windows Phone continue considerable progress , although there are differences in market share , but behind the success of the two , there is an important factor : the price ," IDC research manager of mobile teams Ramon Llamas (Ramon Llamas) said in a statement. "These two platforms are available for a very low price equipment, such equipment can bring benefits for the mass market , in turn, mass market also contributed to the overall market forward ."

IDC believes that , Android has been able to occupy 81 percent of the smartphone market , mainly by means of " extensive and thorough supplier ." However, shipments of Android , Samsung a single large, occupancy ratio was 39.9 %, while other Android manufacturers "is still meaningful for the win market share while struggling ."

In the mobile operating system market , Apple's iOS came in second with a market share of 12.9 %, compared with 14.4% in the same period last year declined, but IDC attributed this situation to "iOS 7 smart phones available in the market weakness in the first few weeks ." .

IDC concluded that " if the last week of September, sold 900 million devices installed capacity represents the future trend , then , iOS will shipments , market share and growth rate , etc., in the quarter were a record . "

Windows Phone mobile operating system market share was 3.6% , compared with last year increased 2% , largely thanks to Nokia, the company's third- quarter shipments of 950 million devices .

"This quarter , it only accounted for a Nokia Windows Phone smartphone shipments of 93.2% , which marks the company's short history on the Microsoft platform , and has set a new milestone ," IDC said. " At the same time , there have been other suppliers involved, a significant improvement over the previous year , but the number is still far behind Nokia 's market share ."